Crusade Craft Wiki

Mod and Player on Crusade Craft part of Seaterrica.



During the Crusade Craft Beta I was on the Norway side which wont the battle we fought in. I also completed my goal of getting 1000 mcmmo levels in Beta.

The Russian_Empire[]

As part of the Russian_Empire under Bunnyrich I as Co-mayor of the capital was able to expand my building skills as well as grind material.

Joining Seaterrica[]

Once the player Logantheprodigy joined the server I took all the valuables out of Russia and brought them to Seaterrica. about 3 weeks later Logantheprodigy left leaving the town of Zadar to me.

Life in Seaterrica[]

In Seaterrica I fought in a few battles but mostly just built up my town and mined a bunch.

Life in Croatia[]

After MLGTerra stepped down from being leader The nation changed it's name to Croatia other than that nothing changed.

Moving to Indonesia[]

The same the nation changed leaders Zj left for Makassar with his items.


  • Saint Petersburg
  • Zadar
  • Makassar


  • Russian_Empire
  • Seaterrica
  • Croatia
  • Indonesia