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On December 10, 2020 The town of York was created. Soon after this the nation of United Kingdom was founded on December 17 2020 by Bowmaster_. As of March 10, 2021 It has 25 towns with 127 members.

On 2nd of February The UK Becomes the first nation to surpass Prussia and Ireland in /n list and becomes first place for a couple months.


The Government of The United Kingdom is a parliamentary system The roles are as followed

Nation Leader- Owner of the nation

Town Leader- Mayor of a town in the UK

Senator- Vote on nation rules


As of March 10, 2021 the UK has 43 members in it Military.



The battle of Trebizond

The battle of Minsk

The battle of Horden

The battle of Orkney Island


buildings in York

The mayors office in The Orkney Islands

Notable Players[]

Some of the more known players in the UK include:

  • Nation Leader Dae_
  • Senator / Head Grinder 3vilboy06
  • Senator B0MBIED
  • Senator R14N
  • Senator Px0d
  • Founder BowMaster_

Towns in UK[]

Coat of Arms/Flag Names Mayor
Qaqortoq.gif Qaqortoq absolutesea561
sovjet Mxmomo
Amarok bluesupreme
Fruitopia M3rchant_
Coat of Arms of The City of London..png London Vic__dlt
Armoiries du Québec.png Quebec John_1_1_7
West-Midlands __LC
Tortuga Lewos03
Cardiff.jpg Cardiff Nubia_
Envy pegla2108001
Arms of Dorset .png Dorset CucumberCowX98
Chimpweed ford_Fiesta03
Trebizond coat of arms.jpg Trebizond Lastiy
Nazar Valerious__
Londinium.png Londinium Dae_
Coat of arms for the City of Oxford.png Oxford lahague3
Coat of arms of Minsk.png Minsk SovietLord
Suez Baghdadborker
Coat of arms of Orkney.png The Orkney Islands 3vilboy06
Liverpool coat of arms.jpg Liverpool newwefiee
Beeplantic Beepbop01
Oasis paleles
WooWooWoods despecitolover42
York Coat of Arms.jpg York BowMaster_ 28


The United Kingdom is part of the Liberty Pact


Below are some of the different maps of the United Kingdom

Old map of the UK

Nation List .jpg

Other Info[] (Discord Link)