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The Dutch Crisis was the first worldwide crisis in the server has experienced. It started with the war between Pakistan and The Dutch Empire, both the strongest PvP nations at the time on the server, that eventually branched out into smaller conflicts, like the Dutch invasion of Germany that got the once powerful nation disolved, and the fighting between Prussia and the Dutch that was resolved because of the realisation that it was a missunderstanding and becuase of threats of coalitions against the expansionism of the Dutch.

Phase 1: Dutch vs Pakistan.[]

The Dutch and Pakistan have been in war since the first week of the sever, and such a war only came to an end with the win in the battle of Rotterdam in the first few weeks of December, its unknown why they were at war, some people might say its a excuse for pvp, others say that both of the nations wants dominance over the server. Most known battles of the time were the Battle of Oostende, Battle of Ormara and of Egypt

This basically consisted of long lasting battles between the two nations, that later started including other nations on the server.

Phase 2: Beginning of the crisis and Prussian annexation of Germany[]

Due to the web of alliances of the Pakistani nation, one of the most powerful nations at the time, Germany, was threatened by Dutch members for being allies to Pakistan. This caused the Germans to sanction the Dutch, which was later lifted after they stopped threatening the Germanics. However, with the German and Russian decadence of active players, the Dutch saw an opportunity to strike, starting the first battle of German Europe of this war and the involvment of Prussia, Germany's at the time vassal, in the war. Seeing no possible outcome that would benefit the Germans, the Königsberg Council was held, in which Prussia and its allies discussed how to save german territory into falling into the hands of the Dutch, and so it was decided that the country needed to take Berlin.

With all of that, the German Kaiser, Cha_ad decided to sell the nation of Germany to Prussia, and the naiton members would flee to Hong Kong, and they took the deal, declaring officially Prussian Independece. The conflict seemed resolved in Europe, because the Dutch Empire and Prussia did not show hostilities towards the others, however due to a misunderstanding, the Dutch thought they supported Pakistan in the bigger conflict, and so they started hostile relations with them that led to the battle of Cologne, the second most notable battle of the server at the time, with up to 10 people fighting at one same time and 20 different players participating of the capping and PvP, the town of Cologne would end up surrender and being deleted, this battle made Brazil and Qin (both mostly pro pakistan nations at the time) made an embargo in the Dutch, saying that the conflict made no sense and the Dutch just wanted to expand in Europe, at this point, the Dutch Empire for some people was seen as an infamous nation that just wanted to conquer the server.

The apex of the crisis[]

The moment of the Danzig siege.

The apex of the crisis came when the Dutch Empire begun to siege Danzing, one of the most important town of the prussians, many prussians raged and almost quit of the server. In the Dutch's point of view, they said that Prussia had killed dutch citzens and the prussians were in the Battle of Egypt with pakistani troops, breaking their treaty, the prussians said that they did nothing and that according to them the Dutch were using it as a fake casus belli to just expand more, both sides had its own view. USA and Norway declared neutrality, and later Taiwan took Unreadi's dog as a hostage in retaliation of the sieges. After some agreements and payment of 1k gold, the Dutch went back and stopped the siege, marking the end of Dutch expansion and a stalemate to the crisis, later on, Brazil and Qin removed their embargos .

The end of the Crisis[]

After the end of Prussian involvement and Dutch expansionism, the nation became a "sleepy giant". Most of it's members went inactive, though Danzig wasn't the last siege of the war. After a betrayl from their ally Italia, they took action on the Italian peninsula, because when sieging the important key city of Genoa, they joined to help defend the town, which got Pakistan in the conflict in what was formerly known as the battle of Genoa. The Italians however kept a persistant positive attitude even though they were fighting the most powerful nation on the server, which was sufficient for them to win the battle, which demoralized the already inactive nation, including Unreadi himself after a conflict between him and the owner of the server BamBam, and caused it to fall appart. There was still, though, one last battle to go.

As one last act to strike down the nation for good, the new coalition that mainly consisted of Pakistan and Italia attacked the town of Rotterdam, the bordering town to the main Dutch town Amsterdam. In it happened some of the most intense fighting of the server, with top tier PVPers from each side fighting day and night. However in the end, the Pakitalia coalition managed to get over 2 MILLION points on the siege, breaking any previous record and forcing the Dutch to surrender. Some fighting clips of the siege are notable on the Crusade Craft Trailer

The war was finally over, one that lasted throughout the first days of the server. One once king of the world nation had been killed in it's sleep, and in it's throne there was placed a new upcomming alliance. One that would set the stage, for future, massive, wars. I'm talking about The Great War.