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StoffeH is a user who owns the nation of the United States and the town of New York on the Minecraft server Crusade Craft.


Being one of the first players ever to join the server, StoffeH started out in beta in the nation of Norgesveldet and helped defend in the siege that would end beta testing.

During the siege, StoffeH, TonytheGreat and Karnakus all went to Britain and started griefing the area, which he got tempbanned for.


After beta, StoffeH continued to play on the server and during the day of release, he travelled across the Atlantic to create the 14th town ever on the server, with a bunch of friends (FutureGamingo [now CaptainFuture_], KaiserAdrianII, and LegendaryRex1).

After he made the town, StoffeH and his co mayors, Emmenz and IGingernut, built the town. They both were making great progress, with Gingernut building a cathedral, which is currently a landmark, and other stuff, and Emmenz built most of the spawn area. A month after this Gingernut was impeached due to many stealing allegations, and Emmenz left due to inactivity a month after that. StoffeH was the only mayor left keeping the town strong.

The metropolis and nation went through hard and tough times, fighting for freedom and glory. The biggest battle was the siege of Charleston, where players from over four nations fought and soldiers gaining points for one of the longest periods of time (12 hours) by omkar_Iqaluit, all in an effort to contain what once was the Confederate States of America. All their towns were soon either sieged or deleted, ultimately ending its reign and establishing peace throughout the coast until the server's demise.

On January 3rd, 2021, StoffeH accidentally resigned as president of the United States and sold New York to Omkar_Iqaluit for 3000G. Surely after, he sold it again to checkmate007, and after, the town was blew up. All the buildings except for the cathedral were blown up or taken down. This was known as the New York Bombing of 2021. Shortly after everything was covered up, and the new town was built up from the bombarded ground.

While these were going on StoffeH moved out of the Americas for a short time to move to Han and create the late town of Qingdao which was later disbanded two weeks later to move straight back and create Chicago, which was built and sold to the previous mayor of New York, Mega_Moist_69 for a sum of 3,000 gold. Chicago was later disbanded a month later in mid March 2021. New York and StoffeH stood greatly following those times, rebuilding what was once a fallen New York, back, and even greater than before. He kept fighting, building, and much more until the server's shutdown in mid April 2021.

Crusade Craft 2[]

The original plans were to recreate New York with the new map, that others had that idea. StoffeH settled in South America travelling through the Atlantic to get to the middle of the jungle and create what was once the lost town of Asuncion. After 3 months of inactivity StoffeH disbanded it and moved to the Philippines to create what is now known as Manila. To be continued..