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Prussia is one of the oldest nations on the server, being founded by Fred_Loubas, mayor of Königsberg, after the Nazi invasion of the server and the Battle of Berlin. It is mainly a builder and commercial nation, with values on cityplanning and attractiveness at its finest, however it wouldn't be Prussia without its army, even though it mostly serves to defend the country not expand it.

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- Pre-Prussia Period: (Foundation of Königsberg -> Creation)[]

The history of this nation starts before the actual nation was founded. Two players, brunolanches and Fred_Loubas, learning about the server, dreamed of a great Teutonic nation, and so they founded Königsberg, the to-be capital of that nation. However, with more players like dibzera, Cava_, jonascreibou and Caio_Dutra, brunolanches started to think that a Prussian nation would be better tan a Teutonic. He then came to an agreement with Fred_Loubas to make this nation under the condition of its capital being on Königsberg.

At the early stages of development in Königsberg, the town suffered many sieges and raids from PvP seeking players from mostly the Epic_Berlin town, the Nazis that were fighting the Germans at the Battle of Berlin, which caused hatred towards them by everyone on the future nation.

- Early History: (Creation -> Independence)[]

The terms of the treaty sent in discord by German Kaiser, player Cha_ad.

WIth the official creation of Prussia, the dominant naitons of the area, Germany and their allies Russia and Bohemia, declared war on the newly formed nation under the justification of being inside German claims, and without enough strenght to fight back against the strongest naiton alliance at the time, the Treaty of Königsberg was signed the same day, 10/26/2020, in which Prussia became a Vassal of Germany.

After that, not much conflicts happened in Europe, so it was a time for prosperity in terms of expansion of both economical and diplomatic influence over the continent and the world for Prussia, with the creation of strategic city of Danzig by Cava_, one that later with builds and shops would become one of the world's thriving commercial points. With that, the playerbase saw an increase that made Prussia one of the great Powers in the world, while in Germany and Russia, the playerbase was getting slowly less active, making them vulnerable to attacks, with the German Kaiser Cha_ad having to take a break from the server. It was during this time that notable builds popped off, both the Königsberg Castle and the city of Danzig.

However, the world started facing a great crisis, called The Dutch Crisis, in which the previously PvP nation Dutch Empirewas assuring dominance over the most notable strong alliances and naitons of the world, with Germany being one of them. Under the threat of Dutch domination of Germany with them sieging Hannover, with their absent players and weak chances of winning, the Königsberg Council was held, a meeting with the most trustworthy allies of Prussia to decide the fate of notable German cities like Berlin. In the end, seeing no escape route, and to avoid dutch domination of German territory, the German Kaiser made an offer to Prussia to take over Germany for 1k gold, gaining ownership of Berlin, Cologne and the UAE, and granting the independence of Prussia, after almost 3 weeks of vassalization. Prussia took on the deal, and with that, the crisis on Europe seemed to be over, but it was to get worse than it already was.

- The Crisis Period: (11/14/2020 -> 11/18/2020)[]

After the aquisition of Berlin, Prussia became officially the biggest German Nation, with it reorganizing the political system. However, the threats of war weren't over, and because of a missunderstanding for the Dutch's part, they thought the nation was supportive of Pakistan, so they proceded to siege Cologne, which saw one of the most fearse fighting for the Prussians, and Danzig, which was after a series of negociations, payments and fixing missunderstandings, was called off and marked the end of Dutch expansionism in Europe, known as Phase 2 of The Dutch Crisis.

At this time the players were demotivated to play since the most powerfull nation on the server could just steamroll over the others and destroy their progress. The thriving Danzig marketplace was basically killed, as the town was attacked and prices of items sold there went on a deep dive, destroying any value comming from it. In an attempt to solve the economic situation, Prussia started the Crusade Craft Trade League, but that idead died off due to lack of engagement by the players.

- The Rebirth: (11/19/2020 -> 12/10/2020)[]


Just as Prussian Morale and productivity went down, it came back up stronger than ever. During this time, new aditions to the nation's roster and new developments in production, cityplanning and power, jumping from a 20 man nation to 50. Though it had lost it's trade power, new companies started such as Preußenmarkt, and the lack of trade power that was definitely compensated in terms of military production and construction, which allowed the nation to participate in bigger conflics while not loosing much to it. It is also worth noting that at this time the Ottomans were dismanteled, so old Ottoman town Cannakale took refuge in the nation, which later combining with previous Prussian member and owner of the first prussian Company Preußenmarkt Alpajino culmined in the formation of Turkey.

- The Great War period (12/10/2020 -> 01/05/2021)[]

This was the begining of a prosperous militaristic and political era for Prussia. With the formation of the Europe pact with Pakitalia alliance, Greece, Turkey and Prussia, and the nwely formed Comintern with nations like SR_Eurasia, Seaterrica and more, Europe was looking like it was going to have a big war. For the preparation to war, Prussia started becoming more of a commanded economy, with focus on producing god sets and potions for the war effort. It was also in that time that players were finding more motivation to play, so a massive recruiting scheme began, with Berlin switching mayors and Silesia becoming more and more populous, along with new towns popping up in the claims, incuding Eingkeit and Munich. Prussian involvement in the war was decisive for ongoing victories in sieges, but with the most populous and active nation at the time Turkey switching sides in favor of the Comintern, the big European alliance was looking increasingly more outnumbered. Regardless, there also had popped up a new challenging nation in German Claims, Nazi_Germany, which deviated attention from the war for a bit, however the players were mostly banned for toicity which caused Nazism to be outlawed in CC. After that, despite the losses the alliance was looking strong again, until it split up in half with Pakistan switching sides, which forced Prussia to pull out of the war. 6 days later, Italia surrendered.

- The Re-Rebirth (01/05/2021 -> Present day)[]

After the end of the Great War, Europe was under a new era of diplomacy and policies. In Prussia, it was no different. It was decided that Prussia would remain neutral in fighting allies, and that it would contribute to the peace of the world with the creation of the United Nations. The economy changed from a command economy back to a free-enterprise system, and new members, towns and recruiters joined in hopes to eventually form a greater Germany. Among them are the cities of Mainz, Cologne, Al_Bayda, Dresden, Rostock and Nürnberg, new colonies like NewNiger and Greater German California. The government was also reformed, with it changing from a Parliamentary Monarchy to a Diarchy, and elections for Kanzler being finally held.

This time, in typical Crusade Craft fashion, didn't lack a conflict. There was a hostile new uprising Austria, which after series of insults form both sides was eventually sieged, with the siege of Vienna being the most successfull at bringing players to fight in Prussia's history. With the new adition of Austia to the roster, Prussia quickly became /n list 1 as the most populous nation, and with Aestheticcs working hard on bringing back commerce to the nation it also became very strong economically. In summary, the nation jumped from 50 members to almost 150, becoming an interesting wild card for new upcoming conflicts.