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Coat of Arms
1200px-Coat of arms of Portugal.svg.png
Real Life Portugal
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Portugal
National Anthem
Name in Towny Portugal
Population 21
Chunks 225
/n list page 3
Capital City Lisbon
Largest City
Oldest City
Established January 1st, 2021
Government Information
Leader ENLS Head.png King ENLS
Chancellors Notcra Head.png notcra

Dalalius Head.png Dalalius

SnusbyHead.png Queen Snusby

Prime Minister
Political System Absolute Monarchy
Economic System
Official Language English
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

Portugal is a nation founded on the Iberian Peninsula on the continent of Europe. The nation is west of geographical Spain, and Northeast of geographical Morocco.

Portugal was the first nation created in the year 2021.


Portugal is a mostly flat-landed nation, with a forest only located on the Northern stretches of the territory. The Southern portions of the territory are mostly grass field plains, with little or the occasional vegetation.

Currently, it only rains in Portugal as it experiences the Mediterranean Climate, with snowfall usually only occurring in Northern Europe. It experiences mild seasons due to the maritime effect, where during the winter, warm oceanic air rolls over the plains of Portugal, while in the winter, the opposite occurs. As Portugal is situated in Southern Europe, and has little to no relief, it is rather warm all-year round.

Two main rivers flow through Portugal, both of which originates from highlands in Spain, such as the Tagus and the Guadiana rivers, the former of which play hosts to the Capital, Lisbon.


The Creation of a Sovereign Portugal

On the 30th of December 2020, three friends ENLS, notcra and Dalalius sought to create a nation far from the reaches of other expansionist empires. After much deliberation, the three soon-to-be founders of Portugal would decide on the creation of Portugal, from the list: Iceland, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Sakhalin Republic (on Sakhalin Island just North of Hokkaido, Japan).

Thus, the founders of Portugal set out from Gibraltar, a town at the very tip of the European continent, and moved Westwards to what was to become the Capital City of Portugal, Lisbon. Just North of where the founders had settled was a small hut, constructed by an unknown player. The trio decided to peek into the house, and discovered many items stored in chests, which were promptly moved to a secure area deep underneath the settlement, which became 'The Cave', a National Treasure which has been preserved and can be visited by tourists in the city of Lisbon.

Within this 'Cave', there were facilities such as storages, an intricate network of mines and an enchanting room. The decorations made in 'The Cave' was done during the Portuguese Gold Rush. Between the 30th of December 2020, and the 1st of January 2021 (in a span of almost 3 days), the trio had tirelessly mined for the 1500G required to make a nation, as well as 150G required to make the Capital, Lisbon. They poured hours and hours of playtime into funding the nation, mining for most of these hours (and feeling rather sick while at it due to the repetitive nature of mining). As 1650G was mined out in a span of merely three days, this period in Portuguese History would be known as the 'Portuguese Gold Rush', with levels and intensity of mining only seen in that of the Californian Gold Rush of 1848.

With the availability of 150G in hand, on the 31st of December 2020, the town of Lisbon was founded by the trio, symbolising the dedication of the trio in establishing the nation. Shortly thereafter, the nation of Portugal was created on the 1st of January 2021 (when the requirement of 1500G was achieved), with ENLS being the king.

Portugal would be the first nation created in the year of 2021. Soon after, the trio started to lay out detailed plans for the city of Lisbon, marking the end of the first phase of Portugal's History.

Foreign Relations and Policy

Foreign Policy

The Kingdom of Portugal is committed to engage in peaceful coexistence with other, and particularly, its neighbours in Europe and Africa. However, it is also committed to engaging and contributing to alliances it is in.

The Kingdom of Portugal seeks to be neutral in conflicts not involving itself, and to resolve disputes through diplomatic means and channels.

System of Governance


The Constitution of the Kingdom of Portugal is the supreme law of the land. Any bills passed by the government and king must not contradict the principles of the constitution and the foundations set by the constitution.


The Kingship is passed down by being anointed by the previous, former king, before his abdication. The King is the supreme ruler of the Kingdom, and can introduce policies mostly without much intervention, provided it is done for the good of the nation. The King participates in government decisions and debate, and can veto decisions made by the collective government. The King is able to appoint the ministers, through direct intervention or after calling for a public vote.

Prime Minister

As there are insufficient members, the role of Prime Minister has yet to be discussed, including its internal and external responsibilities. However, the selection of Prime Minister is through a regular public election, where the mayor representing the wishes of the majority of its residents of Portugal is able to vote to elect a selected citizen into office.


The ministries of the Kingdom of Portugal handles the administrative work of its namesake. The system of ministries governed by ministers was introduced immediately after it was created, based off previous experiences by the His Majesty, the King of Portugal, ENLS.


To be added in the near future.


Markets and Exports

To be added in the near future.


To be added in the near future.


Name Founded Mayor Chunks Residents Disbanded
Lisbon 01-01-2021 ENLS 96 7 N/A
Porto 02-01-2021 notcra 68 8 N/A
Faro 07-01-2021 Odditylol 26 2 N/A
Coimbra 14-01-2021 Dalalius 35 3 N/A
Ponta Delgada 25-01-2021 2589 3 1 N/A
Evora 29-01-2021 NorthCarrot57 2 1 N/A