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The Norwegian Empire, or Norway, Is a Nation Located in the Scandinavian Region (Northern Europe) laying claims and protecting the region from outsiders and enemies. After the founding fathers of UglySpider, Moonblade1, Swirl_, TechnoSparklez, and MrPancake2121 Founded the Town of Oslo it lay the building blocks to build the nation.



The Norwegian Empire has a Unicameral Semi-Ministerial Democracy as its form of Governing. Elections are held every Month with the system being FPTP (First Past The Post) of whoever wins the popular vote. After a candidate wins they will be sworn in at the start of the month. (Can Run with no limit) After A Prime Minister is chosen, The P.M (Prime Minister) And King will talk to choose the Ministers. War, Building, Foreign/Civil Affairs, and Economics. Each minister can chose an advisor. Advisors help the Minister in e.g. Building.


{Note: Updates every Week} The Military highest commander is the King, as of now It is MrPancake2121. The Military Consists of 13 Soldiers and 1 Lieutenant, as RonikJ is the leader of Norway's 1st Regiment. All soldiers have Standard Military Sets, with payment if a job is done well, And a rank if the King Approves of ones actions and strength.


{Note: Updates every Week} The First Siege of Norway was At Edinburgh on November 17, 2020 5:10pm EST. And Ended with a Norwegian Success On November 18, 2020. After the morale boost The Norwegians Sieged Inverness on November 21, 2020 4:30pm EST.

Early History (Oct 25-Nov 21)[]

The Norwegian Empire Was Founded On October 26, 2020. After 2 days of the founding of Oslo on October 25, 2020 7:30* Pm EST. Then Tonsberg with Swirl_ As the founding Mayor Joined The Nation on October 26, Making the official Start Of the Empire's Claims. Stockholm with founder wierdwizard Joined On October 28*, 2020, ensuring protection for our allies in the region. During this time Nethrie of Taiwan Started an Eggwar which lasted 1 week of continuously going into each others towns and egging the towns, on October 31th, 2020 ''The Eggwar Treaty'' Was signed finalising the war. During this friendly egg war The towns Of Athlone and Cork Joined the Empire, Starting the reign on The Isles. On November 2nd a town Calsulad was made in North Norway marking the Claims even further.