"Phallic Object"

Founding Days.[edit | edit source]

Early NYC 24th October - 25th October

New York City was created on the 24th of October by StoffeH , CaptainFuture_, Legendaryrex1 and Taco_Bell_Shaman. The towns first build was a traditional phallic object built out of Andersite. The town slowly progressed and an underground storehouse was built. 1st Avenue was built, and the town was about 30 chunks in size by the 27th of October. StoffeH continued to build roads and begin skyscrapers, but it was clear he couldn't construct NYC alone.

Age of Construction[edit | edit source]

New players flocked to join NYC. Players like Emmenz and iGingernut joined the town to help StoffeH construct the city. Emmenz would often help StoffeH with his builds. The spawn building and shop was constructed partly by Emmenz. iGingernut was a Catholic Enthusiast and ex member of Ottowa. He started the NYC Cathedral on the 30th of October and finished it the next day.

Cathedral NYC[edit | edit source]

NYC Cathedral 30/10/2020

The Church was the biggest building on the server at the time and was praised by many. Masses took place each Sunday in the Cathedral where iGingernut would often say prayers and give bread to the poor.

Stripclub/SexShop NYC[edit | edit source]

NYC Cathedral Interior 31/10/2020

iGingernut also constructed a Stripclub/Shop next to the Cathedral. This was often visited and was very profitable for him. The Stripclub became an ongoing joke in NYC and it was advertised often. The NYC Spawn was moved to face the stripclub in early November.

The Age of Decay[edit | edit source]

Checkmate007[edit | edit source]

A new player had become recently involved in NYC politics when he bought an embassy opposite iGingernuts Cathedral. He was called Checkmate007. Checkmate accused iGingernut for stealing from his chests, and there was a confrontation between StoffeH and iGingernut about the matter. Checkmate had won the case and iGingernut was demoted from his position of Co-Mayor in the town. Something that Emmenz also agreed should have happened. Checkmate007 was a liar and StoffeH would later learn of this.

Loss of Leadership[edit | edit source]

As iGingernut became increasingly frustrated about the demotion, he became more inactive on CrusadeCraft and joined other Towny servers. Emmenz would follow out of boredom. StoffeH began to regret his decision of demoting iGingernut and asked him to return to CrusadeCraft but Stoffe was left on his own to run NYC.

The Sale of NYC[edit | edit source]

StoffeH saw no use in owning NYC anymore and decided to sell it to Omkar_Iqaluit. Omkar quickly sold the town on to Checkmate007 for 3500g and 10 shulker boxes which were valuable at the time. This proved to be a terrible mistake. Checkmate kept the town for 1 day.

Destruction of NYC.[edit | edit source]

Grief of NYC January 3rd

Checkmate griefed the town after only one day of ownership. StoffeH was furious and told Checkmate007 to leave the Cathedral alone which he did. The rest of the town was completely flattened however. This was the apparent end of NYC. All of the Original Builds were destroyed other than the Cathedral and Checkmate had no intention of rebuilding NYC from scratch.

StoffeH buys NYC back[edit | edit source]

Easter Sunday Mass 2021

Stoffe bought NYC back in 2021 after the grief. He has done a good job at rebuilding the town and new buildings have been built in place of the old ones. The layout of the new town is a lot more dense and with some more avenues. On the 5th of April 2021, iGingernut returned to NYC and began by holding a mass at his old Cathedral, the first one in roughly 6 months. It was attended by the owner of the server and 6 other players.

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