Crusade Craft Wiki

Note: The template is a minimum. You may add more per your discretion so long as it does not severely alter the formatting.

Note: Nations that have disbanded and remade are not the same nation. Make a new page in this scenario.

Here you can put some information about your nation such as location, date, facts, etc. Ideally, keep it brief as the categories below and the infobox will be more in-depth and specific. Nations need a flag or banner, and the infobox is a requirement. Images cannot be inappropriate or violate any part of the official server rules.


This section is the most important portion of your page as it will be the majority of your page. Start date, origin story, map histories, etc. can go here. Subdivide the category into different eras of the nation.

Have a Sub-heading 1 as the first one in a group 

Then go on to Sub-heading 2 for specific talking points.

Early History 

*Early history goes here*


Describe your government structure here. This is a required category that informs people how your nation is run. The type of government can be fictional or realistic.


While a nation can be void of a military, it is important to note that in this category. Describe its numbers, weapon strength, etc. here.


This category is where you can put important or large-scale building which are unique to your nation. Images would help make this category look cleaner, but it is not a requirement.

Notable People


  • Player 1
    • Description
  • Player 2
    • Description
  • Player 3
    • Description

National Subdivisions

Here you can put colonies, states, or other territories within your nation's realm (if relevant).

Other Recommended Headings

The following are not required but it's recommended to have at least something extra for your town page. Most are applicable to most nations.

  • Political Affiliation
  • Political Parties
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Diplomacy
  • Maps
  • Pictures
  • Culture
  • Navy
  • Anything else that isn't ridiculous and can with reason fit into the wiki