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Mayapan is a town on the Yucatan Peninsula, founded by LoganCreeper50, with help from the neighboring town of Tenochtitlan, it was able to raise enough funds to become a town.


The Founding Era (November 18th - November 21th)[]

While being a relatively short Era this time would be one of the most monumental times in the history of the town. It would see the building of Mayapan's Castillo, which at the time was the tallest building in all of Mexico, from top to bottom not Y level. It also saw the addition of 2 new members.

The Golden Era (November 22th - Present)[]

Weemas, a trusted and important member of the town, would receive around 150 gold from a gold crate, also around this time LoganCreeper50, the mayor, would begin to make god sets and enchant things. During the early stage of this period the town would become the richest it has ever been, amassing a value of 320 gold in their vault, this money would be donated to a project later that day. While this time had good things there would be another things that would happen the Skirmish of Mayapan would occur, and LoganCreeper50 would receive their first player death, more info about the conflict can be found on its respected page.