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Note to reader: This nation is different from a past nation with the same name as Korea. That one has been disbanded (from the author's knowledge) and this is a new nation that has been made recently.

Korea, or officially the Nation of Korea, is a peninsular country located in the Korean Peninsula. The nation's capital is Seoul. It is currently under the leadership of junothepeasant, as a de facto autocracy.

This nation is not to be confused with a previous Korea, which was disbanded earlier. This Korea may be referred to as New Korea.

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Early History[]

On 11/21/2020, the town of Seoul was formed by the_white_kanye. Two days later, on 11/23/2020, the nation of Korea was founded, with its capital at Seoul. On the same day, junothepeasant joined the nation, and was appointed a minister.

Small scale gold mining expeditions to Australia begin on 11/25/2020. Starting on 11/26/2020, road and infrastructure projects begin in Seoul under the_white_kanye, and the first two shops, GS25 and a café bene were created on 11/27/2020.

On 12/4/2020, the_white_kanye stepped down as leader for personal reasons, and transferred leadership to junothepeasant,

The Juno Administration Era[]

On 1/11/2021, Korea suffered a grief from people who were Korean citizens. The grief was rolled back and most buildings and items were reset. Most citizens were reported by the moderators to have had to do something with this, so in an act of desperation, junothepeasant kicked most of Seoul's citizens.

On 1/15/2021, The Empire of Japan declared that they would enforce their claims on Korean lands due to Korean inactivity, liberation of Korea, and other various reasons. An emergency peace negotiation was created, with multiple Asian nations discussing the issue. Tensions rose, however Emperor Nogle and Autocrat juno discussed it between themselves, and agreed on an alternative. Japan would be given a small south eastern portion of the peninsula that was previously given to the old Japanese emperor, and various goods(including two stacks of gold), in exchange for the recognition of Korean sovereignty and peace. A treaty was drafted and signed on the day, solving the issue.

In the following days, due to some events in Asia, multiple Asian nations broke off from ASIAN and create the East Asian Pact. Korea was invited to the alliance, and joined as a member.

On 1/30/2021, junothepeasant traveled to the town of Pyongyang to see the newly formed town. During the visit, RVnomar gifted junothepeasant a god bow, and both leaders talked about respecting each others claims and generally starting this new relationship off to a good start.

On 2/3/2021, Pyongyang officially joined Korea. Due to the nation now having more than one town, and an increase in population, it was deemed necessary for Korea to enact several reforms, including a creation of a new constitution.

The Pyongyang Reform Era[]

On 2/24/2021, Korea officially announced its new constitution, and a new reform movement called the Pyongyang Reform(named due to the town of Pyongyang being the cause of the reforms. A few hours after its announcement, there was a reading of the constitution in the capital Seoul, and a toast was given to what would now be know as the "Korean Confederation." This constitution declared Korea as an autocratic confederation, granted North Korea autonomy within Korea, and listed the ideals and rights of Korea.

During this era, North Korea was a center of industrialization and commerce, and was also the center of activity in Korea. Also, towns from Siberia wished to join Korea, adding Siberia as a territory of the Korean Confederation.

The Korean Schism[]

On 3/26/2021, the towns of Pyongyang, Sunan, Yi_Sunsin, Anadyr and Busan seceded from the Confederation of Korea and formed North Korea. This was due to some conflicting ideas that made the confederation unable to be maintained. Both sides understood this and this Schism was done peacefully with no fighting.

The next day, more towns left from Korea to join the new North Korean regime, resulting in Korea being reduced to Seoul and a few remnants of inactive towns.

Post Schism[]

After most towns had left Korea, the Confederation of Korea lost all of its previous political, military, economic, and domestic functions as most of these were concentrated in the Northern Towns. As a result, in a speech titled "Final Statement from the Government of the Korean Confederation," junothepeasant, as the last autocrat, declared that the Confederation had ceased to exist. Seoul and the remaining towns reverted back to being just Korea, or the Nation of Korea, as it was before the Pyongyang Reforms.

Seoul Provisional Government Era[]

A week after the Schism, a de facto provisional government took place in Seoul. This government really did not have much administrative powers, but still had majority of its claims on Korea(with the exception of North Korean towns).

Seoul began to be worked on more, and new construction projects were set up. Also, there was some economic development as some of Seoul's shops began to successfully sell some goods, thanks to Princemn1's many business ventures. Adding on to this, the town of Sabi was created by Avocet_BCS(formerly a citizen in Seoul) on 4/7/2021.

This era saw a rise in much pessimism among the remaining citizens of Korea, and was fairly bleak with some good moments happening occasionally.

The End[]

On 4/19/2020, Seoul was sieged by North Korea, making a de facto Korean War(although it really was not). With no resistance, North Korea would have won, however on 4/20/2021, the Crusade Craft server was shut down after BamBam decided to step down. This resulted in the siege not being able to end and all nations, including Korea, to technically be dissolved of their political functions.

All situations concerning the Siege of Seoul were cleared between both sides after the server shut down, resulting in a somewhat truce, allowing Korea to have been disbanded in peace. After a few announcements, the Korea discord server was archived and to be repurposed to something else.

This marks the end of the journey. This is a last farewell to Korea and to all of the server.

-junothepeasant(aka .json)


Korea is an autocratic nation under the leadership of junothepeasant.

There are also ministers, who help manage the country by taking on certain tasks. The only minister right now is the_white_kanye.


Korea has no official standing military.

Foreign Policy/Affairs[]

Korea's foreign policy is one of friendliness, as mentioned in junothepeasant's first speech, and non-interventionism.

After the Schism, these ideas are being maintained, however a new policy of "small politics" has been adopted, where Korea attempts to not involve itself in major politics, but only when it is necessary for the prosperity of the country and others(for example, joining AMA).

Korea is a member of the Anti-Maphunting-Alliance and the East Asian Pact.

Capital City of Seoul[]

Seoul is the capital of the Nation of Korea. Many building projects are being worked on, and although there have been few setbacks occasionally, they are slowly making progress. Seoul has multiple shops and general government buildings, along with some historical preserved buildings.

Some important or well-known shops and buildings in Seoul:

-Community Storage: A green building that is a storage for the city's inhabitants. People are allowed to take what they need from it, but it is also encouraged to donate to it in order that the Community Storage can be a benefit to all citizens collectively.

-Prince Seoul Brewery: Ran by Princemn1, this brewery produces Seoul's alcoholic beverages for general sale. There is also a tavern on the second floor that sells these drinks for cheap prices.

-Seoul Dome(IN PROGRESS): Information not available yet.

-Lotte Tower(IN PROGRESS): currently under construction by the_white_kanye.

Preserved/historical buildings:

First House(is now labeled as SimpleBeginnings): Built by the_white_kanye, this was the first house of New Korea and used to be used as a general place of storage.

TreeofSeoul(or center of Seoul): An old tree left behind by previous Korea, now being used as a centerpoint for Seoul.

Pyongyang and Seoul citizens standing in front of both flags after reading the new constitution, starting the Pyongyang Reform.

Photo of the center area of Seoul, with the TreeofSeoul and various shops and buildings behind it.

Former home of the_white_kanye, and is the first house of new Korea.

Street view of some of the damage during the 1/11 incident.

More will be added to this wiki as needed.