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This Era marks the release of 1.16 on Crusade Craft and all Events that follow to the next Era. The official start of this Era is on 3/30/21. The start of this Era came about with the Release of the Duels Plugin, an Update to a better Siege war, and expansion of the End world and Nether. With these updates the player base started to grow from what it was from months past.

When updating please provide a date a name or brief summary of the event. Hyperlinks if applicable. Please keep this in chronological order as much as possible. Spam on this will be removed and you will be banned from the Wiki


  • March 30th 2021
    • Start of the Growth Era
    • France is disbanded, all of their towns got nationless
    • The Partition of France begins
    • Caliphate wins siege of Lebanon

  • March 31th 2021
    • Russia and Poland becomes Allies
    • Yakusk is captured by libertalia

  • April 2nd 2021
    • Known player TallMigrant is permanently banned from the server
    • Floppa Surrenders at The Orkney Islands
    • The Holy Caliphate declares they will no longer do sieges or attack people on Fridays due to it being their holy day
    • Pyongyang driven off attack from Kuomintang China

  • April 3rd 2021
    • The Nation of Taiwan is disbanded
    • The nation of North Korea wins siege of Dalian
    • known player Hex quits the server

  • April 4th 2021
    • CC holds a easter egg hunt event
    • Slothofsin becomes the leader of Fiji
    • StoffeH sells the USA to _T1MB3RW0LF_

  • April 5th 2021
    • The leader of Prussia Cava_ announces the creation of the German Empire 8 nations
    • North Korea wins its war against Kuomintang China

  • April 6th 2021
    • The AMA is created for nations against dynmap hunting
    • Pakistan announces a break from sieges

  • April 7th 2021
    • Libertalia loses siege at chita
    • Lemongrass becomes the leader of indonesia

  • April 10th 2021
    • the UK attacks the nation of floppa at Horden

  • April 11th 2021
    • The nation of Russia and Poland-Lithuania merges
    • the CSA declares war on the Toltec Republic

  • April 12th 2021
    • The Uk wins the Siege of Horden

  • April 13th 2021
    • The nation of SveaRike is created
    • the nation of Newfoundland attacks phaedra at tartarus

  • April 14th 2021
    • Omkar becomes president of the united state
    • The nation of the United States is disbanned

  • April 15th 2021
    • Caliphate attacks New England at krete

  • April 16th 2021
    • The North_American_Union wins its war against Phaedra

  • April 17th 2021
    • Italia attacks Norway at Bergen

  • April 21 2021
    • After Much thought the owner BamBam Decides to close down Crusade Craft.