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Greater German California was founded as a colony of Prussia. The nation was partially funded by Magenent, Fr0zen and the mainland Prussian government.


The governmental system is a partial democracy. Fr0zen and Magenent both have permanent seats on the national council. The 3rd seat is elected by vote.


Magenent is a general of the nation, he has commanded the invasion of many towns. Fr0zen also has command over the army.


  • Magenent
  • Nick56730
  • Fr0z3nW1nt3r
  • Insufficiently
  • RVnomar

War History[]

Claims of California as of January 22nd 2021

Siege of Portland[]

The siege of Portland was the first siege of Greater German California. This siege was started by Magenent, and was won, there was no fighting, and the town wasn't in a nation at the time. Portland disbanded shortly after due to inactivity.

Siege of Tempe[]

The siege of Tempe was started on January 19th 2021, this was started by Magenent. This town was not in a nation at the time. It was a Greater Californian victory, but there was no fighting.

Siege of Phoenix[]

This siege was started on January 22nd 2021, it was started by Magenent. This town was in the United States at the time of the siege. This was a victory with no fighting.


California City[]

Founded: January 8th 2021

Mayor: Fr0z3nW1nt3r

Population: 2

Size: 16


Founded: January 7th 2021

Mayor: Magenent

Population: 13

Size: 45


Founded: January 12th 2021

Mayor: Spilled__Milk

Population: 1

Size: 7


Founded: January 15th 2021

Mayor: Kifernus

Population: 1

Size: 1


Founded: January 2nd 2021

Mayor: Lemon85

Population: 1

Size: 8

Los Angeles[]

Founded: November 30th 2020

Mayor: Straw_inturtles

Population: 2

Size: 90

Desert Hell[]

Founded: January 22nd 2021

Mayor: nostalgiaboi

Population: 2

Size: 24