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The kingdom of Finland, (Finland), is a nation Located in the northern region of Europe. it was funded by xXPeepoXx. Finland has a strong dedication to peace. Finland helped the Comintern in the great war.



- Pre Finland: (Creation of Marienhamn)[]

On the first of November, xXPeepoXx and Ebro_ joined Crusade Craft and they created Mariehamn or, formerly known as Ahvenanmaan. As the rogue town wasn't considered to go far, they joined Norway, Finland was far from being created, because everything xXPeepoXx could want in a nation was already there. His friend Va1dimar soon joined Ahvenanmaan and xXPeepoXx became the advisor of TechnoSparklez in the Norwegian cabinet.

- Early History: (Creation of Greater_Finland)[]

On the 7th of December, xXPeepoXx made Greater_Finland, a better ran and stronger version of the already existing Finland. After a while, the Greater Finns decided to siege the capital of Finland, Helsinki. This went very sucessfully because the opposing side showed no resistance and the King of Finland at the time, CaptainFuture fled to America and Finland and Greater_Finland merged