The Eurasian Civil War is a civil war in the Socialist Republic of Eurasia. It was started when Alex, the Chairman of Eurasia made Eurasia a monarchy. This enraged the Eurasian people and mainly the senators. Flairy, the former Chairman of Eurasia started planning the revolution. Zatoka, Atyrau, and Stavropol ceded from the union first. Then Wastia sieged Crimea. After the siege started, Velikigrad left. The siege was in Wastia's advantage. NavyaXD, from Prussia, started a peaceful protest, bringing people from both sides to join him. After some time Prussia sieged Cricova, and after some time, surrendered. After the end of the Crimea siege, Wastia won. As of the 25th of March, Wastia still controls Crimea, though Xx_Ginger_xX, created a 'liberation' army which has about 2-3 members.

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