Crusade Craft Wiki

Conflict Name

Give a brief description of the conflict. Date start, parties involved, location, and basic history can be added here. Again, the specifics can go into the infobox which is mandatory.

Battles or Events

Example Battle 1

This is an example of subdividing battles

Winner: Nation 1

Example Battle 2

This is also an example of subdividing battles.

No definitive winner

Forces and Strategy

Here you can describe the weapons, resources, personnel, and tactics used by each party

Nation 1

  • 12 Players
  • 3.6k Gold Spent
  • 3 Town Plants

Nation 2

  • 8 Players
  • Attempted diplomacy at all costs
  • 1.2k Gold Spent

Outcome and Conclusion

Elaborate on the outcome of the conflict. Did one nation conquer another? Was there a major town shift, or a new conflict started? Was there even a definitive winner? Make sure to give the conflict a decent conclusion.