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The Grand Nation Of the North Or Canada, Is a Nation located in North America. A Beacon of Development in the most Northern Parts of America. Founded shortly after by The Great Father and bigscarylottie, Coolgamer127 Founded the majestic town of Ottowa.

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The Canadian People Need only one man to run their grand nation, that man Being the Father himself

Coolgamer127. Coolgamer127 has his Right Hand Man bigscarylottie to run the nation when his meticulous and just vision is steered away from the happenings of Crusade Craft.


The Military Commander Of Canada Is Coolgamer127 and his associates, camdropz and bigscarylottie, who handles the Global Affairs Of Canada


The first conflict Canada entered into was the war with the Ottomans after they sieged the Town of Virgin_Central. The Father did not will for this town to be wrested from the hands of Canada and so, Coolgamer127 singlehandedly lifted the Siege multiple times until the Ottomans attempted to completely engulf him with their entire fighting force of 7 players, after which Coolgamer127 called Pakistan And Qin into the fight which promptly broke the fighting spirit of The Ottoman Empire and so the siege was won and Virgin Central stayed in the hands of Canada.

Early History(Oct 28-Nov 26)[]

After Coolgamer127 permanently moved to Crusade Craft after his part in the Central African Conflict on EMC, Canada moved quickly to become one of the biggest nations on the server with almost 30 players and multiple towns joining like Toronto, Montreal, Virgin Central, Rapture, Fort_Eh, and Ottawa became the capital of Canada. Canada looks to expanding its claims in North America westwards and establishing its foothold in the Egyptian Realm after the sudden decline and the recent Conflict In Northern Africa with the now declining Ottoman Empire. Canada looks to peacefully incorporate the Nation of the Great Lakes into its Empire.