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Flag of the Empire of Brazil

Brazil is one of oldest nations of the server, founded by OCurtaMemes with the help of KrauseIstZuhause, brsla123, Luissz and PLimaHS. Brazil was the first nation to be created in South America and in the entire New World. Though primarily a building and grinding nation, its towns control much of the economic market.


Early History[]

The Empire of Brazil was planned when the server was initially announced. Through the CrusadeCraft discord, OCurtaMemes initially allied with other South American leaders. However, on the release of the server, Brazil found itself alone on the continent.

Brazil announced its claims at October 20, 2020, being one of the first nations to do so.

When the server opened, Rio de Janeiro was created in the first day. KrauseIstZuhause acquired a plentiful amount of gold from the badlands region, establishing the Empire of Brazil on October 26 of 2020, becoming the first nation ever on the Americas.

The first days[]

OCurtaMemes wanted to expand the town of Rio De Janeiro, KrauseIstZuhause got some gold to expand the town, Brazil also recongnized Berlin as the legit Berlin after the Battle of Berlin, later on, OCurtaMemes invited jdawg42isme to Rio, some days later she created Fortaleza. Brazil was expanding and got many golds with trade, especially with lapis, diamonds and mending, Brazil was one of the first nations to sell mending. Brazil was expanding and got many towns, every town that was created in South America joined Brazil for limited time, also the town of Marabá joined Brazil. In November 09, Brazil claimed Uruguay as part of its territory because no one showed interest of building the nation Uruguay, later on, PLimaHS would create the town of Cisplatina. Some days later, brsla123 and Luissz came back to the server and created the towns of SãoPaulo and PortoAlegre, expanding Brazil on its own territory. At this time, Brazil and the Ottoman Empire had the most towns in the server.

In The Dutch Crisis, Brazil made an embargo on the Dutch, declaring support for Prussia, when the crisis ended, Brazil lifted the embargo. On November 24, 2020, Brazil declared neutrality at the Dutch-Pakistani war and adopting a peaceful policy, "Only to attack when we are attacked" said OCurtaMemes, later Brazil would stop having bad relations with the Netherlands (Dutch Empire with its actual name).


Brazil is a monarchy with VeryBadAtMC being the Emperor, succeeding checkmate007 who inherited the nation from OCurtaMemes. Checkmate007 now holds the title of Chancellor.

The nation's soldiers are checkmate007, Snyvern, Emmenz, Luissz, and Babs0.


The brazilian military is know as "Exército Imperial Brasileiro" translating to "Brazilian Imperial Army."

Capital Buildings[]

Brazil nation spawn.png
Brazil Jungle Temple.png

Brazil nation spawn and shop[]

Jungle Temple made by Krause

(Other buildings to be added soon)