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BlazetheGameYT is a Chancellor in the nation of Russia as well as the Co-mayor of the town Kiev.

He was famous for being one of two active players in the entire Russian empire, after the quitting of the founder and the inactivity of the Tsar. He was also known to be very active within the playerbase, and Kiev became the unofficial capital to the Russian Empire.

He built several structures in Kiev, including an Inn, Hotel, Shop, and Tavern. The most famous of his works was possibly the 24 block tall walls that surrounded the entire city, complete with a functioning city gate.

He also hosted Nether Wars, which was a weekly event where people would go into the nether and have free for all pvp. This started on accident but then was adopted as a tradition.

Kiev in 2021

2020-12-13 14.25.41.png

He was very friendly and very charitable to many Nations, usually having large supplies of gold from mining nonstop in the western USA. He had notoriously bad PVP, which is potentially a reason that he made the walls of the city and hardly ever ventured out of it. He also has a YouTube channel, though he never posted much Minecraft content.

Kiev also had the controversial player mbryan87 as a resident for some time, though he was eventually kicked due to being a political risk.

The Tavern sold many drinks, though it mostly included the finest Vodka in the server, though it also sold wine, whiskey, bourbon, and more. The Hotel could actually be rented out to people, with rooms being a one time 400g payment.

He was active up until the last day of the original server, and he never played the revival. Right before the server shut down, he saved Kiev as a schematic, which then turned into a world download.