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Arkhangelsk is a Town ran by HexxFerret in the nation of Wastian Kingdom.

Hyperborean Roots

Arkhangelsk was at first a Hyperborean sattelite town focused on sheer production of armor and potions. This was short lived as Hyperborea quit and Arkhangelsk was the last town left to fight against the forces of the Grand Alliance. This resulted in being captured twice, and a lot of bloodshed.

The Arkhangelsk Armory

Built by HexxFerret and Fynr, the Arkhangelsk Armory is a hyper-efficient armor and weapon production suite unrivalled by any other nation. It is said it could produce 70 Armor Sets and 100+ Swords at maximum efficiency and workpower.


Arkhangelsk was once known for the ARK Villager Warehouse, where villagers were sold to other players, this changed as Arkhangelsk shifted to creating a private manufacturing economy.


Arkport is a store located just northeast of Arkhangelsk, nested into the side of it's parent town. It sold items at a super-cheap price in an attempt to manipulate the economy towards helping the consumers, at a level this worked, as HexxFerret managed to drive down the price of armour, weapons and enchanted books. It has been inactive recently.

It was involved in a feud with rival store, SplitShop. Although ArkPort emerged victorious because of it's volume of production and cheaper price.

The Lawnmowers

The LAWNMOWERS.... they have killed people, a Seaterrican loadout was found within the storage after the second arkhangelsk siege, it is believed that a soldier had left the siege zone and died in the area.

The Wastian Kingdom

Arkhangelsk is the capital of The Wastian Kingdom.

Notable People[]

some of the more known players include

  • HexxFerret
  • NoProfit

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